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Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Party of the Little Guy (Who Lives in a Mail Box)

[More and more counties in Oregon and Washington are adopting voting-by-mail. This is a November 15, 2005 post from http://soundpolitics.com of Seattle, Washington.]

The Washington State Democrats are defending the "rights" of the illegally registered [post office and other private] mail box voters to commit election fraud.

David McDonald, attorney for the WSDCC, asserts that a private mailbox is a legitimate "non-traditional" address, like maybe the voter really lives in his mail box.

I'm not sure why the Democrats are so passionate about defending the illegal mail box voters. Are the Democrats proud to be known as the party of perpetual vote fraud? Or is this the only way that the party of fat-cat lawyers can still plausibly present itself as "the party of the little guy"?

UPDATE: [Democratic Gov. Christine] Gregoire's supporters brag that "Gregoire’s always fought for the little guy". And without the little guys who claim to live in their mail boxes, Mrs. Gregoire probably would not have won the 3rd recount [of the November 2004 election]. A cross-check of the (uncorrected) list of challenged mail box voters shows that 1,100 of them voted last November. Even after adjusting for errors in the list, the voting patterns of the mail box precincts suggest that the illegally registered voters gave Mrs. Gregoire a 300 vote cushion. No wonder the Democrats are stretching so hard to defend their miniature voters.


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