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Friday, October 19, 2007

Camille Paglia Says Hillary Can't Win

The host of a dinner party once seated Camille Paglia and Rush Limbaugh next to each other, expecting tons of fireworks. The host was disappointed, as the two got along famously. Rush even gave Ms. Paglia a fine, expensive cigar. She's a brilliant woman, and when she speaks, you have to pay close attention, as she has a rapid-fire delivery.

by Newsmax staff

Firebrand writer Camille Paglia says Hillary Clinton “has no vision” and can’t win the general election against any of the leading Republican presidential candidates.

In an interview with Canada’s Globe and Mail, Paglia – who came into the public eye in the early 1990s with her denunciation of “political correctness” – declared:

“I don't know where people are getting the idea that the Democrats are a shoo-in. I don't see them gaining the White House unless there's a third-party spin-off, like Ross Perot.

“I listen to conservative talk radio, because the callers really do give one a sense of where popular sentiment is at the moment. And I just don't see how any of the Democratic candidates is going to be able to present the national-security credentials that will be crucial in this election.

“The Republicans have [Mitt] Romney, [Rudy] Giuliani, [Fred] Thompson, even [Mike] Huckabee - a series of candidates who would be way more credible than Hillary, if only because of the projection of strength they give.”

Paglia even doubts that Clinton will get the Democratic nomination.-->-->--> Keep reading...


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