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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Paul Weyrich Wants to Stop Giuliani

The chairman of the Free Congress Foundation says that Mitt Romney is a better campaigner than Fred Thompson. He also notes that Mike Huckabee left the conservative movement in Arkansas in shambles and favors civil unions as well as statehood for the District of Columbia.

by Phil Brennan | November 5, 2007

Paul Weyrich, one of the nation’s most influential conservative leaders, says he is out to prevent Rudy Giuliani from winning the Republican nomination for president — and predicts the religious right will unite behind any GOP candidate except Rudy.

In an exclusive interview with Newsmax.com, Weyrich also predicts Republicans face a “disaster” in the Senate in next year’s elections, says Hillary Clinton would be the easiest Democratic candidate to defeat, and charges that the Bush administration’s Iraq policy has been a “mistake” from the beginning.

Weyrich is no stranger to speaking his mind. As Chairman and CEO of the Washington-based Free Congress Foundation, he has long been recognized as one of America’s most thoughtful and principled conservatives.

He was founding president of the Heritage Foundation, one of the largest and most respected public policy research institutes and a major force in advancing conservative policies.

He was also instrumental in the formation of Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority.

Weyrich is a regular guest on radio and television talk shows, a frequent contributor to major U.S. publications, including Newsmax.Read more>>>


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