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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Reactions to Fred Thompson Endorsement

Human Events was, to be sure, Ronald Reagan's favorite publication. "When in the course of human events..."

by Jed Babbin, editor | Human Events | January 12, 2008

Since we endorsed Fred Thompson on Friday, Human Events has had a huge reaction –overwhelmingly positive – to the editorial from our readers all across the country. Here are some excerpts from the nearly 500 (and counting) comments:

“Human Events made the right choice. Now conservatives everywhere are counting on the good people of South Carolina to do the same,” Kelly S., Florida.

“Great editorial endorsement. Many conservatives are always trying to distinguish themselves among other conservatives with labels; a Reaganite conservative, a Kirkean traditionalist, etc. This endorsement showed me why I am definitely more of a Human Events conservative than an NR conservative. Of the six real contenders in the race (including Paul but excluding Hunter who doesn’t have a prayer), Thompson is clearly the best choice.” Andrew C., New Jersey

“Human Events has made a loyal reader out of an interloper (me) with the endorsement of Thompson. He is the most reliable conservative in the race.” GPM, Florida.

“I applaud Human Events for endorsing the ONLY consistent conservative in this race. Every other candidate has gaping holes.” Michael G., Arizona

“Good call Human Events. It is good to see conservatives beginning to wake up to the ‘Principled Conservative’, Fred Thompson.” Mark, Oregon

“I have said all along, even before the campaign started, that Fred Thompson is the man we need in the White House. He is plain spoken, he does not mince words, and best of all he IS a true conservative. Your endorsement of him warms my heart. Thanks!” Jack C., Texas

We acted on principle, and our readers apparently agree.


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