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Monday, May 12, 2008

A Video Portrait of Barack H. Obamanation

This video of the prospective Democratic nominee for president speaks for itself.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The video does speak for itself: it's xenophobic and sensational. Ironically, most of the people who support the war in Iraq eat up garbage like this video. No wonder things are going so poorly in Iraq? These war proponents have no respect for the people of the nation we're occupying. Did you know that most people in Iraq have muslim names?????? Also, the video claims that the whole life of a president needs to be scrutinized then shows GW Bush being sworn in. Bush is an alcoholic who split on a cushy national guard gig his father got him. Obama has no DUI's. Cheney has three!!! The video is a smokescreen. The Republican's cannot run on a platform of limited government and fiscal discipline so they cook up diversions like the video.

Tue May 13, 02:03:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Steve Rankin said...

Pamela Van Buren comments:

I regret that the previous post was made by ‘Anonymous’. If a post has to be made anonymously, it indicates to me that the poster does not have enough integrity to state his or her views publicly. That being the case, the view is worth considering as that of a coward. Patrick Henry did not say ‘Give me liberty or give me death or let me be a coward’.

The video is simply silliness. It is not that it is not true; it is that it is deceptive in its presentation and even more deceptive that it should be used as material on this blog.

Barack Hussein Obama was named after his father. So what? His father was a Muslim. So what? The GOP talking heads were hell-bent to force a Mormon down this country’s throat. So what does that have in common with a falsely labeled Muslim? Both religions believe in physical sex in the after life. Neither is Christian. At least Muslims are not trying to bastardize Christianity and Christians have a clear picture of what they intend for us. I have more respect for Muslims.

The video goes from painting Obama as a Muslim to faulting him for his church. Now, which is it in this schizophrenic presentation? Is he a Muslim, a Christian, or what? Decide before making the attack. If anyone thinks this ‘Black Theology’ is goofy, I refer you back to Mormonism. How goofy is it that a ne’er-do-well translated ‘ancient Egyptian’ by use of a seer stone into very poorly written Elizabethan English? I have now concluded that ignorance is truly bliss for a whole lot of people who have no sense whatsoever.

Suddenly John McCain is portrayed as a war hero. This comes in a video which features talking heads that have done nothing short of trying to destroy John McCain with no means spared. John McCain has sons who serve in the military, unlike those five of another candidate who said his sons were serving the country by getting him elected. This is simply sick and disgusting.

But, have heart! This is not a GOP blog; it is a conservative blog. Go vote for a third party candidate. After all, there is no lesson in history. Reinvent that wheel while you help Barack Obama get elected. Obama will be the Democrat running in the general election. All of the stupidity by the conservative talking heads will not stop that.

I am a Christian conservative. I am a social conservative. I am a fiscal conservative. I am ashamed of the people who are calling themselves conservatives and acting with the folly only reserved to fools in the past. These are the same idiots who would teach their children not to play with matches by burning down their houses as an example of what will happen.

Thu May 15, 02:55:00 AM CDT  
Anonymous Andrew Ostrowski said...

first of all i John McCain IS a war hero. Any man who has to live through a vietnamese pow death camp and still deals with physical injury 50 years later because of it deserves that title!I actually find a decent amount of truth in this video. Although I have no problem with obama being a muslim. The thing that concerns me and many many others is that he tries to play us for fools. The man claims to be christian but his school registration records at a "Catholic" private school filled in by him states that Barack Hussein Obama jr. considers himself to be muslim under the Faith category. Then why is he attending catholic school? Then he attends rev. wrights church and when the public finds out he scrambles to remove himself from any association with them. So altogether we have a man who called himself muslim while attending catholic school, turns his back on his church just because people found out he goes there (although this is more likely to be related to the rev.'s black lib marxism than obama's muslimness)Then he Ignores the national day of prayer, but the same year makes sure to take his shoes off and bow on a rug 5 times during a muslim holy day. gee, what a coincidence, huh? And to top it all off, obama's own BROTHER said that in his culture the muslim middle name "hussein" is ONLY passed on from father to son when the son is proven to be an ADULT PRACTICING muslim. And you crazy tree hugging, atheist libs can argue with it all you want, because nobody in america is listening to Al Gore and George Sorros anymore.

Sat Oct 02, 01:27:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous Timothy Birdnow said...

Obama is clearly not a christian, although it cannot be proved that he is a believing Muslim. It DOES matter to someone who has read the Koran; Islamic law justifies, nay, commands lies and duplicity, as well as persecution of non-believers. Everything Obama has done since taking office is consistent with that.

There IS a difference between a Muslim and, say, a Buddhist or Mormon. Buddhists and Mormons don't generally cut off heads when they are angered.

Sun Oct 03, 08:24:00 AM CDT  

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