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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Take Away Comrade Obamanation's Teleprompter...

... and he's even less articulate than President George W. Bush, if you can believe that.

In this video of the junior senator's town hall meeting in Virginia, he attempts to tell the puzzled audience how the federal government will provide "affordable health care" (just as the feds now furnish affordable postage stamps, obviously).

"Inhalator" is from the same lexicon as "strategery."

It's understandable that Barack H. would be sleep-deprived. After all, he's campaigned in 57 states, or so he has claimed. He also said that a Kansas tornado had killed 10,000 people, when the actual number was 12.

After viewing this video, one can easily appreciate why the Messiah is reluctant to participate in joint town hall meetings with Senator McCain.


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