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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Obamanation Leads the Racism Party

"... Barack Obama never defended Congressman [Stephen] Cohen from the black racists and anti-Semites of Memphis."

by Lowell Ponte

“I am not a racist,” snapped former President Bill Clinton angrily days ago on ABC-TV, sounding remarkably like another president with whom he has often been compared, Richard Nixon, remembered for saying with equal honesty, “I am not a crook.”

If by “racist” one means those who believe that certain groups of people are inherently superior to others of a different dermal hue, then most would agree that Bill Clinton is not a racist.

But if by “racist” one means those who politically grant certain groups a social position of privilege or superiority over others solely because of skin color, then many Democrats are among the most racist people who have ever lived.

The Democratic Party, we must never forget, is historically the party of slave owners.

Today the skin colors Democrats favor have changed from white to black and brown, but the party’s cynical never-ending political game of divide-and-conquer, polarizing people into artificial racial groups and pitting them against one another to win elections, remains unchanged.

Can Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, son of an African father and a politically radical white mother from Kansas as the presumptive Democratic presidential standard-bearer, lift America to an era of post-racial politics?

The chances of this happening, as early Obama enthusiasts hoped, now seem to be evaporating as fast as his standing in public opinion polls.

Critics of racial preferences usually argue that liberal “reverse racism,” intended as a kind of reparation for... Read more>>>


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