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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Signs Of Spring

It will soon be springtime in Jackson. The sun will be shining... the grass will be growing... the trees will be green... the flowers will be blooming... the birds will be chirping...

... and Harvey Johnson Jr. will be running for mayor. Yes, Harvey, a candidate in every mayor's race since 1993, will be putting his 2-2 record on the line:

"Johnson made the announcement [on January 31] in front of a crowd of about 100 people at the downtown Convention Complex. As a two-term mayor, Johnson helped bring the convention center to Jackson[1]."

In 1985, the year that Jackson changed from the commission form to the mayor-council system of government, Harvey lost a race for the city council to Louis Armstrong. Armstrong, of course, is now a felon and serves in Mayor Frank Melton's administration (Armstrong has presumably given Melton some pointers for his trial, which starts next week).

Harvey Johnson's decision to run again reportedly came after a four-year study was done by an out-of-state consulting firm.


[1] Which reminds me: Now that the convention center has been completed, how much longer will we have to pay the "temporary" extra one-cent sales tax at Jackson's eating establishments? Pardon my cynicism, but "temporary" and "tax" are not usually included in the same sentence.


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