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Saturday, May 23, 2009

"Doomsday for the Republicans"

Someone named "TurnLeft" had the comment below on a post at YallPolitics about the possibility that Mississippi governor Haley Barbour will run for president in 2012. My response to his comment follows.

"All this talk of Barbour for President is so silly. He wouldn’t have a chance, besides ANY Republican wouldn’t have a chance against President Obama thank goodness. Republicans want a new image but it would only be a wolf in sheep's clothing, same ole white Sunday school voters crowd. Republicans have excluded everyone else. Everything I read is doomsday for the Republicans. I think alot of people are in denial over a Republican comeback. It’s not going to happen."

You must have one hell of a crystal ball, since you know for certain what will happen in 2012. Look for Obummer’s multi-trillion dollar spending orgy to cause major inflation, starting 12-18 months from now. If, as seems likely, the economy is in the tank by 2012, the Republicans may have a cakewalk against the Big B. O.

“Everything I read is doomsday for the Republicans.”

Where did you read that-- in the Daily Kooks? Those of us who were around in 1964 remember similar dire predictions about the Republican Party after Senator Barry Goldwater lost 44 states to President Lyndon Johnson. In 1966, the Republicans gained 47 U. S. House seats and also picked up Senate seats and governorships. And the GOP regained the White House in the 1968 election.

According to the current polls, the Republicans have an excellent chance of retaking the Virginia and New Jersey governorships this fall. If they do, that will be a harbinger of more electoral successes.

Democratic senator George McGovern lost 49 states in the 1972 presidential election, and President Ronald Reagan carried 49 states over the Democrat Walter Mondale in 1984. It’s a funny thing: We didn’t hear cries of “doomsday” for the Democrats back then.


Blogger Two Dogs said...

I agree with your assessment, Steve. With the economy in a virtual free fall, and the media continually covering that up, I anticipate severe backlash from the electorate as things continue to get progressively worse.

And they most definitely are getting worse.

Sat May 23, 10:26:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous Steve Rankin said...

Tim Birdnow says:

"Why is everyone assuming the Republicans are finished? Obama did NOT win by a landslide, just a comfortable margin, at a time of perceived terrible economic distress against a candidate that the base of the Republicans held in lukewarm esteem at best. McCain pulled ahead of Obama in the polls and was looking to walk away with the election before the Fannie/Freddie thing happened. Obama was the third string QB brought into the game because the starter pulled a hamstring...

"The Democrat-controlled Congress has abysmally low approval ratings, although they picked up seats. Of course, they had to cheat in Minnesota and bribe (then cheat) in Pennsylvania to get where they are today in the Senate. That is not to say that Republicans did well, but considering the explosion that occurred just before the elections it`s little wonder that Americans decided to give a new guy a chance-and give him a Congress of his own party to work with. The inevitable failure that is fast approaching will quickly sour everyone on 'hope and change'.

"The main problem with Republicans is that they have too many 'pragmatists'-John McCain types willing to prostitute their principles for good press and relative bonhomie from the Dems. That will shake out in due course. This isn`t 1933, after all, and the media cannot hide Obama`s incapacities as they did FDR`s polio-induced paralysis. The media may be 100% in the tank for The One, but they can`t hide information like they could in '33.

"Remember, it was just a few short years ago that people were saying the Democrats were completely dead and that they may dissolve as a party. How did that work out? Bush made a series of huge blunders, followed faithfully by his 'Big Government Conservatives' and he handed the keys to the kingdom to the Max Headroom President, Boy One-der, him of the teleprompter mouth and vacant brain. Obama, or rather, those controlling Obama in Chicago, think they have channeled Ronald Reagan, but from a leftist perspective. Reagan had concrete ideas, and did not simply repeat the feel-good mantra of 'change.' Obama either does not have good ideas, or, more likely, knows his ideas would horrify Americans, so he uses the rhetoric and hides the real agenda as much as possible. But his actions will speak louder than words, his policies of Apologetics and anti-Americanism will turn the stomachs of the conservative Democrats as well as the independents.

"Everything hinges on what happens inside the Republican Party; if they can wrest power from the Neville Chamberlains of the party and form some sort of coherent message, they will return-- and possibly roar like lions. The Democrats are bankrupt in terms of philosophy, and only function as bareknuckle pugilists in a hardscrabble political arena. They bring fists to gun fights in terms of the real world. They can be beaten easily, if the GOP gets their act together."

Mon May 25, 05:02:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Steve Rankin said...

Here's the correct link for Tim's blog: Timothy Birdnow.

Mon May 25, 05:29:00 AM CDT  

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