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Monday, August 03, 2009

Provocative Videos

A Nurse Describes the Horror Caused by Obama's Support of Infanticide

Proof the Democrats Caused the Housing Crisis by Refusing to Regulate Fannie/Freddie

L. A. Times Endorsed Obama; Withholds Video of Obama Praising Palestinian Terrorist (Times Released Summary of Content When They Endorsed Hillary Over Obama)

Obama Admits He Worked for the "Chicago Annenberg Challenge," Founded and Run by Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers; Obama Used $50 Million of Foundation $$ to Buy Votes

Obama Mocks the Bible

Obama Violates Logan Act by Using his Office and Taxpayer Funds to Campaign for his Cousin in Kenya; Cousin is Charged by his Government with Ethnic Cleansing

Obama Thinks the Sermon on the Mount Supports Homosexual "Civil Unions"

Notorious Israel-Hater Farrakhan Says Obama has "Captured the Youth," Then he Hails Obama as "The Messiah;" Obama's Church Gave this Evil Man its Highest Award

The Man Who Says "Hitler Was a Very Great Man" Preaches at Obama's Church (Obama Admits he Attended There for Twenty Years, but Claims he Never Inhaled)

Nation of Islam Leader Farrakhan: "White Folks, You Owe us the Whole Country!"

Fannie Mae CEO Calls Obama and Democrats the "Family" of the Mortgage Giant; Obama Took $125,000 from this Organization, a Prime Cause of the Mortgage Crisis

Obama Admits he Does Not Understand our Financial Markets


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