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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Commies Find a Home in the Democratic Party

A post at Ballot Access News notes the possibility that consumer advocate Ralph Nader will run in 2010 for the U. S. Senate seat now held by Chris Dodd of Connecticut. There are some interesting comments on this post, one of which really caught my attention. It's from an ultra-leftist from California who has recently joined the Democratic Party. It speaks volumes about the current state of that party:

"... most members of the Communist Party USA work within the Democratic Party. Just yesterday, I resigned from CPUSA and rejoined the Socialist Party USA.

"... I am the same Phil Sawyer who was an activist in the Peace and Freedom Party of California. The Democratic Party is, indeed, a capitalist party. However, many people who are socialists or communists work within that Party because they think that it is the most practical approach in our country."

Van Jones and Anita Dunn, President Obama's recently-resigned "czar" and communications director, respectively, obviously aren't the only communist sympathizers in the administration and the Democratic Party.

Dunn, of course, said that Mao Tse-Tung, the greatest mass murderer in human history, is one of her favorite political philosophers.

Former ambassador Alan Keyes says that Obama (mmm, mmm, mmm) is himself a communist. I'm beginning to think he may be right.


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