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Sunday, April 04, 2010

New York Libertarian Contest for Governor

From the April 1 Ballot Access News hard copy:

"The New York Libertarian Party has never been ballot-qualified, and it nominates by convention. This year, there is a vigorous contest between Warren Redlich, an attorney who is also running in the Republican primary, and Kristin Davis, who has the backing of Roger Stone, a long-time political consultant who was once a Republican but who no longer feels loyalty to the Republican Party. ... . A group whose gubernatorial nominee polls 50,000 votes attains (or retains) qualified party status. There is no other way to get that status [in New York]. The [Libertarian] convention is on Saturday, April 24, in Albany."

New York is one of the states that permits fusion, which means that more than one party can nominate the same candidate. In 2006, William Weld, the former Republican governor of Massachusetts, ran an abortive campaign for governor of New York. He accepted the Libertarians' nomination with the promise that he would stay in the race even if he failed to also win the Republican nomination. After making little headway with the Republicans, Weld reneged on his pledge to the Libertarians and dropped out of the race.

Kristin Davis was the madam who procured call girls for then-Governor Eliot Spitzer. She says that her ballot label will be "Personal Freedom Party."

If memory serves, Roger Stone was a consultant for at least one of Ronald Reagan's presidential campaigns.


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