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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Supremes to Decide on Mississippi Case

Ballot Access News reports:

"The U. S. Supreme Court has set a conference date of May 13 to decide whether to hear the Mississippi ballot access case, Moore v. Hosemann, 09-982. The case originated in 2008 when the Secretary of State kept Brian Moore off the November ballot because his presidential elector paperwork was turned in at 5:10 p.m. instead of by 5 p.m. Moore was the Socialist Party’s presidential candidate."

Since the Socialist Party is not ballot-qualified in Mississippi, Moore, a Floridian, sought and received the nomination-- by conference call-- of the Natural Law Party.[1] This was easier than his other option of qualifying for the Magnolia State's ballot as an independent.

The Mississippi legislature has recently clarified 5:00 p. m. on the last day as the deadline for submitting presidential elector paperwork.


[1] Mississippi and Michigan are the only states in which the Natural Law Party is still ballot-qualified. In 2008, the Michigan NLP nominated Ralph Nader for president.


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