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Friday, May 21, 2010

Senator Robert Bennett Won't Run as a Write-in

Senator Robert Bennett, kept off the June 22 primary ballot by the Utah Republican endorsement convention, won't seek a fourth term as a write-in candidate.

"The deadline for running as an independent candidate passed in March, meaning a write-in campaign was Bennett's only option."

Ballot Access News says, "... that [March] deadline could probably be overcome in court. He also can’t get on the ballot in November as an independent because of the state’s sore loser law."

The "sore loser" law prohibits someone who has lost a party's nomination from then qualifying to run as an independent. According to Ballot Access News, "... a lawsuit against the sore loser law would probably lose, even though there has never been a precedent in which the 'sore loser' only lost at a convention, not at a primary."


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