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Monday, November 15, 2004

Must Be Something in That Georgia Water

[The Clarion-Ledger ran this Associated Press article on November 12, 2004.]

SYLVESTER, Ga. --- A 59-year-old great-grandmother is pregnant with twins and will deliver next month, three decades after she had her tubes tied.

"They came untied," Frances Harris said Thursday.

The multiple birth Dec. 21 would break the purported record set this week by a 56-year-old New York City mother of twins. [The NYC woman is the sister of Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels.]

Harris, of rural Sylvester, Ga., said she wasn't trying to get pregnant-- and didn't realize she was-- until she started gaining weight and went to see her doctor.

"A lot of things changed about me," she said. "I started craving grapes and apples, things I don't usually crave."

"They had to sit me down. I couldn't even talk," she said.

The news was even more shocking considering Harris had her tubes tied 33 years ago after the birth of her youngest child.


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