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Monday, January 24, 2005

Who Opened The Cattle Gate, Rep. Holland?

In his spare time nowadays, Rep. Daniel Stephen "Steve" Holland (D-Plantersville) is a funeral home operator.

Cremation has always been a burning issue with Rep. Holland.

When business is slow, he has a one-cent sale: You pay an extra penny and you get to bring along a friend.

When he decided to undertake a political career, Holland warned his opponents that he would bury them.

He told the voters that he would be the last man in this world to ever let them down.

His campaign slogan was, "Vote for the Man Who Digs You the Most!"

When Holland decided to switch parties, the Republicans issued a lengthy statement: "Good riddance!"

Thus far, the Mississippi Beef Processors collapse has added $54 million-plus to the state budget deficit. Since this scandal has touched Rep. Holland, the best remedy is a special tax on funeral homes. This will be a stiff tax.

Will this super screw-up lead to a requiem for Holland's political career?

He wants to be buried in Chicago so he can stay active in the Democratic Party.

It's a grave situation.


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