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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

California's Independents and the "Big Tent"

A successful political party cannot become a "narrow sectarian party in which all must swear allegiance to prescribed commandments. Such a party can be highly disciplined, but it does not win elections. That kind of party soon disappears in a blaze of glorious defeat."

~~ Gov. Ronald Reagan, from his 1967 "Big Tent" speech

September 8-- Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has asked the California Republican Party to change its rules and allow registered independents to vote in the party’s February 2008 presidential primary. The GOP currently is only inviting independents to vote in its June 2008 primary for offices other than president.

California’s Democrats have already invited registered independents to vote in ALL Democratic primaries.

According to this article, the deadline for changing the rule has already passed.

Certain Mississippi Democrats might take note of the above quote from Ronald Reagan.

September 9-- The California Republicans adjourned their state convention today without changing the rule that blocks registered independents from voting in the GOP presidential primary.

The California Republicans are the only major state party in the nation that allows independents to vote in its state and congressional primaries-- and yet excludes independents from its presidential primary.


Let's say that you're now a registered independent in California, and you want to vote in the 2008 Republican presidential primary. Under Golden State law, you may change your registration up until two weeks before the February 5 primary.

Let's say that you then want to vote in the June 2008 Democratic primary for offices other than president. You will have until two weeks before the June primary to change your registration from Republican to either Democrat or back to independent.


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