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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Politically Incorrect Jews and Christians

This is an exchange between my friend Howard and me from December 3, 2007.

Apparently there's going to be a student concert Thursday at Dayton [Nevada] Elementary School at which Christmas carols in all their unedited glory will be performed, and my reaction as a Jewish family is . . .

ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT!! God bless the principal and the staff for the thumb in the eye of those PC ACLU bastards. I would give anything to have William just understand what is to transpire, let alone have his poor widdle fewwings hurt.

My only hope is that the same scene is taking place all across red state America. As President Andrew Jackson once said about the Supreme Court, "They made their decision, let them enforce it!"

Which reminds me, there was a brave black principal named Bishop Knox in your neck of the woods who DID do the same some years back, and they did in fact come after him. Do you know what ever became of him?


Howard: Yes, he was principal at Wingfield High here in Jackson. Kirk Fordice was governor, and it must have been '93 or '94. Bishop Knox allowed students (GASP!) to give devotionals over the school intercom. The female student body president talked about this issue on 'Larry King is Alive,' where Jeanne Meserve was the guest host. The young lady said "yes ma'am" and "no ma'am," and I must admit that I became a little emotional watching it.

As I recall, Bishop Knox applied for the post of school superintendent here in Jackson. Last I heard, he was a superintendent in north Mississippi-- in Corinth, I believe.

Back in the Dark Ages, when I went to public school, a member of the Gideons came into Mrs. Trippe's third grade classroom and gave each of us a New Testament. He said there was only one string attached: we had to READ the testament. I think even my pal Larry Abrams got a free NT...

Which reminds me: once in the high school cafeteria, we had ham for lunch, and Larry scarfed it up. I was surprised and told him I thought that Jews weren't supposed to eat ham. He said, "Steve, I've been eating ham as long as you Baptists have been dancing."

We once had our annual high school French Club banquet at the Holiday Inn. Before the meal, our teacher, Rudy Williams, stood and recited a long prayer in French. As soon as he had finished, Larry whispered to me, "Were we supposed to face Mecca on that?"

P. S. Is the ACLU the Atheist and Criminal Liberties Union... the Anti-Christian Lawyers Union... or the Anti-Christian Litigation Unit?


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