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Monday, January 28, 2008

The "Gang of Four" Hillary Haters

Did the Clintons attempt to block Comrade Howard Dean from becoming Democratic national chairman? If he indeed hates Hillary, you'd think they would have tried to do so. Barack Obama's slogan is "Go With B. O.!" Hillary's comeback is "No Mo' B. O.!"

Now that Teddy has joined Obama, both Ron Paul and Obama have blimps associated with their campaigns.

From Newsmax.com:

Sen. Ted Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack [Hussein] Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination should come as no surprise to readers of Newsmax’s Insider Report, which has disclosed Kennedy’s membership in the so-called “Gang of Four” Hillary Clinton haters.

The Four — Kennedy, John Kerry, Howard Dean, and Al Gore — have pledged to stop Hillary from getting the nomination, and each has his own reason for detesting Clinton.

Newsmax has learned from Democratic sources that Gore is said to be waiting until after the primaries on Super Tuesday, Feb. 5 to enter the fray with an endorsement.

The word in political circles is that if Obama appears the winner that day, Gore will endorse him — in hopes of driving the final nail into the coffin of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

As the Insider Report has disclosed on several occasions beginning in June 2005, Kennedy and Gore have been disgusted by Bill and Hillary Clinton’s moderate politics.

Both were disturbed by Hillary’s hawkish stance on the Iraq war. Early on in the 2008 race, Kennedy had even endorsed Kerry for the 2008 nomination.

In his endorsement speech Monday, Kennedy praised Hillary Clinton, but then made veiled comparisons with her and Obama, noting that the Illinois senator opposed the Iraq war from the beginning and that he does not “demonize” his opponents.

Who could Uncle Ted be referring to with those comments?

Former White House hopeful Gore blames his 2000 loss on Hillary, whom he says siphoned off key resources to her Senate race.

[Comrade] Howard Dean blames the Clintons for his 2004 campaign woes. A year earlier, Clinton had launched a behind-the-scenes campaign to pressure fellow Democrats not to support Dean for president.

As the Insider Report disclosed in July 2006, Dean supporters were unhappy with Clinton’s stand on Iraq and her cautious shift to the center. And Sen. Kerry feels Hillary stabbed him in the back, promising to go all out to support his 2004 White House campaign but then doing as little as possible to help him.

Newsmax.com cited Kerry’s membership in the Gang of Four on Jan. 10 after Kerry announced his endorsement of Obama for president. Now Kennedy has joined him.

Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, has not yet endorsed a candidate, but insiders say he is working behind the scenes to promote Obama’s candidacy, in the belief that Hillary is too polarizing to win a general election.


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