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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nominating McCain: Suicide for the GOP

James H commented on my post just below this one. This is my response to James's comment.

If McCain is the Republican nominee, few, if any, conservatives will actually vote for the Democratic nominee. Some conservatives won't vote in the presidential race; some will vote third party/independent; and some will hold their noses and vote for Crazy John. You certainly won't see conservatives out "beating the bushes" for him (no pun intended).

Personally, I've never voted for a Democrat for any federal office, and I won't be starting this year. But, to me, voting for McCain would be almost like voting for a Democrat. (Who would Crazy John pick for his running mate? Russ Feingold? Ted Kennedy? Chris Matthews? Remember how, in 2004, McCain actually considered accepting Sen. John Kerry's offer to be No. 2 on the Democratic ticket?)

The last time I voted for the "lesser of the evils" in a presidential election was in 1976, when I voted for President Gerald Ford-- or rather I voted AGAINST the Democrat Jimmy Carter. Never again will I hold my nose and vote that way!

Certain of the pundits, etc., assume that, if Crazy John is nominated, conservatives will fall in line and vote for him in order to keep Hillary (the likely Dem nominee) out of the White House.

The left-wing pundits who love McCain won't in fact vote for him. But they'll have tears in their eyes when he gives his graceful concession speech next November (if, God forbid, he's the GOP nominee).

Crazy John is all for letting Democrats and independents invade the Republican nominating process-- since he knows that he can't win the votes of most Republicans. He's going to have big problems in the closed primary states.

Another reason the liberals love the idea of a McCain nomination is that they know it would destroy the party that Ronald Reagan built. I'll guarantee you this: if Crazy John is nominated, you won't hear him this fall saying that he's a "conservative" or a former "foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution."

I believe that the GOP race will come down to McCain vs. Romney, and I'll back Romney as the far better choice of those two.

I wouldn't vote for Crazy John McCain for dog-catcher, and there will be ice skating in hell before I vote for him for president.


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