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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Fatheaded Politicians

A bill has been introduced in the Mississippi House of Representatives to prohibit fast-food restaurants from serving obese people. One of the authors of this brilliant piece of work is W. T. Mayhall, Junior, a retired hustler of legal drugs. He says he knows it won't get out of committee, but he wanted to call attention to the state's obesity problem. He's mainly succeeded in making us a laughingstock.

No. 2 is John Read, a pharmacist by trade.

No. 3 is Bobby Shows, who, I'm told, owns a feed store. I wonder if he sells feed to people whose livestock are obese.

To give these honorable gentlemen your opinion:


I read about this on a blog from Washington state.

The reason I'm posting this is that I like to call attention to idiots.

Update: As expected, this moronic bill was defeated in committee. If these three geniuses really want to do us all a favor, they should introduce a bill to cut the size of the legislature-- especially since they are interested in reducing bloated things. Mississippi's legislature is larger than, for example, that of California, which has some twelve times our population. Maybe if the quantity were lowered, the quality would be raised.


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