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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Major Upset Is Looming

Former state Rep. Erik Fleming, the Democratic nominee for U. S. senator, will kick off his fall campaign with a sentimental visit to the Simpson County gravesite of Robert "Blowtorch" Mason[1]. This event will come close on the heels of Fleming gaining the support of erstwhile rival Shawn O'Hara by endorsing O'Hara's proposal for snow cone stands at rest stops.

After barnstorming the state with O'Hara and Lyndon LaRouche by his side, Fleming will score a stunning upset on November 4, edging out Mississippi's senior senator, Thad Cochran. Cochran will be so shocked that he will wait until the wee hours of Wednesday morning to concede.

Senator-elect Fleming will immediately become the darling of the mainstream media, who will run headline stories touting him as "the next Barack Obama."

Shortly after being sworn in to the Senate, Fleming will send his wife to measure the drapes at the White House.


[1] No comparison is intended between Fleming and Blowtorch. That would be grossly unfair... since, as far as we know, Erik doesn't know a single thing about welding.


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