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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Video From Constitution Party Convention

From MyFox KansasCity:

Kansas City hosted a political convention on Wednesday night, but not for Republicans or Democrats. It was for the Constitution Party, the third largest party in the country. This week delegates pick their presidential nominee. You may not know a lot about the party yet, but with so much dissatisfaction within the ranks of the GOP, you might hear more about it this year. Especially because one of the candidates vying for the presidential nominee is a big name in politics: Alan Keyes. Watch Fox News video>>>


Blogger Katrinka Yobotz said...

Alan Keyes Constitution Party Speech Friday Evening, April 25, 2008 as he seeks nomination.

Link: http://archives.alankeyes.com/play.php?mp3=222

Also live stream of Constitution Party convention compliments of the Alan Keyes campaing: www.alankeyes.com

Fri Apr 25, 08:45:00 PM CDT  

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