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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Viguerie Keynotes Libertarian Convention

From ThirdPartyWatch:

Due to a whirlwind of rumors and political positioning by a party founder and other Libertarian radicals, Richard Viguerie’s keynote speech at the Libertarian Party’s national convention was turned into a rather large controversy with accusations thrown about that Viguerie was attempting to “take over” the Libertarian Party with his speech.

The controversy attempted to create fear of a Republican takeover linked to Bob Barr’s run for the nomination. A letter signed by several presidential candidates was presented to the national chair, Bill Redpath, requesting that Viguerie be replaced as one of the keynote speakers. This was the second request for a replacement, which the chair refused. Redpath had acquiesced to the earlier demand of David Nolan by splitting the keynote speech between LP gubernatorial candidate Michael Munger and Viguerie.

Now that the speech is in the past, and Richard didn’t take over the party, you can judge for yourself whether the controversy created by Barr’s opposition was legitimate or political theatrics.

Watch: Richard Viguerie’s keynote speech on C-SPAN.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought it was a pretty good speech. And the crowd liked it.

Mike Munger

Sat May 31, 07:56:00 PM CDT  

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