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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"B. McBama" Was The Better Choice

Robert Ringer is a libertarian author and speaker who is famous for such best-sellers as Looking Out For #1. He calls the two 2008 major-party presidential nominees "B. McBama" and "J. McBama." While not endorsing either one, he contended that, given all the financial upheaval that he expects in the next few years, we would be better off if "B. McBama" were elected. Following is Ringer's response from last August 5 to a reader who opined that we should elect "J. McBama" because of the coming vacancies which the next president will fill on the Supreme Court. ~~ SteveR


There is no question that the appointing of Supreme Court Justices is a dangerous issue if B. McBama gets in. But, judges aside, there is no turning back now for the U.S. - even if Ronald Reagan were to be reincarnated. Forget all the insanity about no offshore drilling, no drilling in ANWR, the Iraq War, "global warming," and all of the other daily political debates on TV.

The issue that trumps all else is the accelerating death of our currency - and that cannot be reversed, no matter who is president. But when it all shakes out, and people can't go on the vacations they have come to believe they are entitled to, can't go out to eat several times a week as they have come to believe they are entitled to, when the government has no more resources to bail them out of their defaulted mortgages as they have come to believe they are entitled to ... etc. ... it will make a great deal of difference who is in power.

As I've said many times in the past, if J. McBama is president, the masses, pitchforks in hand, will demand that capitalist heads roll. But if B. McBama is in power, and you and I work tirelessly to spread the truth throughout the land, a majority of folks might just come out of their slumber and demand a return to a small, impotent government.

The government must be stripped of all of its powers, other than its contract to protect the lives and property of the citizens of this country; i.e., the people pay the government (and thereby grant it the right) to protect them. Beyond that, the government has no other rights.

No matter which way the shoe drops, there are, of course, no guarantees. But I am all but certain that a (perceived) conservative in the White House would bring about a horrific collectivist backlash from the uniformed populace. Which is why a John McBama victory could be a devastating blow to the Education Revolution.


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