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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Obama Presidency: Marxist Mess?

"The two 'major parties' have rigged the political system so that it is almost impossible for any incumbent – Republican or Democrat – to ever lose an election. The re-election rate of incumbents has been in the 95% range for decades. They have also rigged the system so that third-party candidates never have a chance. In some states, if you want to run for Congress you must first get 10,000 signatures by citizens who want you to run. This does not apply to Democrats or Republicans. The two major parties guard 'ballot access' like Mafia dons who zealously guard all the secrets of their 'business.' This system of monopoly government must be destroyed unless we are satisfied being 'a nation of sheep'..."


by Ilana Mercer | November 7, 2008

Note: In today's offering, Ilana interviews professor Thomas J. DiLorenzo about his new book, "Hamilton's Curse: How Jefferson's Archenemy Betrayed the American Revolution – and What It Means for America Today," with relevance to the events of the day.

ILANA: The president-elect's leanings are more Marx than Hamilton. This makes Barack Obama even more alien to the American system than was Hamilton, the subject of your new book, "Hamilton's Curse." Nevertheless, he'll adapt. Tell us how Alexander Hamilton cursed the old republic, and how you think Obama's socialist statism will blend and meld with American, Hamiltonian statism?

TOM DILORENZO: Hamilton was the intellectual leader of the nationalist movement among the founders who wanted to import the corrupt British mercantilist empire to America. He wanted the government to pursue "imperial glory," another word for empire, and to adopt a set of economic policies – protectionist tariffs, a large national debt, corporate welfare and monetary manipulation by a bank operated by politicians out of the nation's capital. At the constitutional convention, he proposed a permanent president who would appoint all the governors who would have veto power over all state legislation. A "king," in other words. Jefferson and his followers viewed this as nothing less than a betrayal of the American Revolution. They had just fought a war against that very system, and Hamilton wanted to turn around and adopt it here in the U.S. Hamilton believed that a mercantilist empire was a bad thing if you were on the paying end, but quite good if you were on the collecting end. It's good to be the king, as Mel Brooks might say. Jefferson opposed him every step of the way, believing that every one of his policy proposals would not only be economically unwise, but destructive of the very liberty the Revolution was fought to advance.

The Hamilton/Jefferson political battle raged on for decades, but some historians call the post-Civil War era the period of "Hamiltonian hegemony," where the presidency became more and more dominant over Congress; states' rights or federalism became essentially nullified; and all of Hamilton's mercantilist economic policies were adopted, from protectionism to corporate welfare for the railroad corporations. The Republican Party has always been the party of Hamiltonian mercantilism. That's why I've called Lincoln "the political son of Alexander Hamilton," as far as economic policy and the structure of government are concerned.

Obama is a slick politician, so I expect him to continue to administer the neo-mercantilist, Hamiltonian empire that has been built up by both parties over the decades, with all of its schemes for corporate welfare for defense contractors, investment bankers and myriad other politically active businesses which, in turn, provide financial support for the regime. But Obama is also a hardcore leftist who spent his earlier career working with some of the craziest socialists in America, groups like ACORN, who advocated such things as kicking doctors off the boards of hospitals and replacing them with "the poor," and Soviet-style nationalization of the energy and health care industries.

He's a male Hillary Clinton, and I expect him to immediately... Keep reading>>>>

Click here for Part 2 of Ilana's interview with Thomas DiLorenzo.


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