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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Fast Eddie"

Ed Mezvinsky was married to Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky, who, as a U. S. House member in 1993, changed her position at the last minute and cast the deciding vote in favor of President Clinton's gigantic tax increase. The voters in her Pennsylvania district booted her out in 1994. ~~ SR


Ever wondered what it is about the seedy world of politics that, like a moth to a flame, draws people of a certain ilk to it? Between Clinton's last-minute commutations and pardons along with Whitewater investments, I guess that all of the in-laws will find a lot of common ground to talk about. Welcome to the family!!!


by John Popovich

Before I came to Cincinnati, I was a news reporter at WOC in Davenport, Iowa. I covered a lot of city council activities and a lot of political stuff. One of the guys I covered was Ed Mezvinsky, who was the congressman from Iowa's first district. Seemed like a pretty nice guy, but when he ditched his wife for a New York reporter, the Iowa voters ditched him. My most vivid memory is that he sat on the House Judiciary Committee that was deciding the fate of President Nixon. Anyway, years later, "Fast Eddie" got caught with his hand in the till. He cheated investors out of more than 10 million dollars. He went to prison for several years. On a recent weekend, his son married Chelsea Clinton.


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