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Monday, September 24, 2007

Do You Give to the Red Cross?

The Red Cross donated supplies, including water and snacks, to the marchers in Jena, Louisiana last Thursday. The following was written last Friday by a resident of Jena (gee-nuh).

I thought that the mission of the American Red Cross was to help people in times of disaster. I have a problem with what I saw happening in Jena yesterday. My problem is not with the people coming to Jena to march-- they have that right-- but with the American Red Cross giving away supplies to the marchers. The newspapers have stated that approximately 25,000 bottles of water were given out.

I will not mention any medical care that was provided, but we do have a local hospital that offers excellent medical care, but not for free. I sat on the balcony of my office and watched the marchers arriving carrying no supplies, but when they left Jena they were carrying bottles of water that were supplied by your organization [the Red Cross].

These people were not in a disaster mode... they knew what they were getting into when they came to rally, and should have planned better and brought their own supplies. I had a house burn in 1985 and lost everything, including my cars and dog, but never got even a call or a note from the Red Cross. I did not mind that I was not contacted by you and have not ever given it a second thought until yesterday. I have donated faithfully to the Red Cross for the better part of my 56 years, but no more. I know that in the scheme of things I am just a small drop in the bucket, but I will tell everyone that I know what has happened here, and maybe this small drop will turn into a flood. And yes you can use my name... it is James L. Broadwell III, and my address is 329 Pleasant Hill Road, Jena, LA 71342.


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