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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Oklahoma 3 are Re-indicted

You may have heard of the Jena 6. But have you heard of the Oklahoma 3?

From The Sam Adams Alliance, December 7:

Following his quiet dismissal of the original indictment against Paul Jacob, Susan Johnson and Rick Carpenter, the politically-motivated attorney general of Oklahoma [Drew Edmondson] has issued a new indictment against the "OK 3."

Paul Jacob made the following statement today regarding the new indictment:

“This is absolutely the lousiest Christmas present I’ve ever received. But I’ve got stronger objections to this action than Edmondson’s holiday timing. While we endeavor to keep our sense of humor, there is nothing funny about the Attorney General’s politically-motivated prosecution. It is an effort to intimidate, to silence, not just me, but the people of Oklahoma. It is an attack against the initiative process itself. But the AG’s prosecution will not succeed. We’ll stand up against these bullying tactics and defend the fundamental right to petition one’s government.”

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