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Monday, December 10, 2007

Ron Paul Rejects the Libertarians

From ThirdPartyWatch:

As reported in The Austin American-Statesman:

Paul turns down invitation to seek Libertarian Party nomination
Lake Jackson congressman won’t run for president on third-party ticket.

WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Ron Paul turned down a Libertarian Party invitation on Sunday that could have kept him in the 2008 presidential race even if his long-shot bid for the GOP nomination fails.


The [former Rep. Bob] Barr resolution urged Paul to seek the Libertarian Party nomination that will be awarded at the party’s May national convention in Denver.

But Paul spokesman Jesse Benton said it would not happen.

“Ron has no intention to run third party whatsoever,” he said.

The fallout from this resolution is just beginning… rumors of a ‘throw out the entire LNC bums’ movement are already appearing, from folks in both LP Reformers and LP Radicals, and a number of chairs and vice chairs have voiced being unhappy with the way this has gone down. We have not heard the last of this…

If he was going to reject this resolution so quickly, did nobody on the LNC even bother to check unofficially if he’d consider accepting it? You don’t go asking out the most popular girl in school to the prom, if you know she’s not interested in you, and will publicly humiliate you by saying No right away. Oh, wait, we’re talking about LNCers here… most of them likely didn’t go to their prom. (Well, maybe Angela did…)

All of the times Ron clearly refused to run 3rd party, on CNN, Fox, etc. he was pressed and pressed and refused to say 100% no… so leave it to the LP to force his hand this early and slap them down within hours of the news. Read comments>>>


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